General Information:

The objective of this Clinic, which was established in 1991, is the Psychological Treatment using  COGNITIVE-BEHAVIORAL THERAPY . This type of therapy is bases on scientific research and treats current issues practically and efficiently. We provide these benefits by modifying behaviors that encompass our thoughts, feelings and final actions.

Furthermore, we work with EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) evidence based, recommended by the World Health Organization and by the American Psychiatrists Association.
EMDR combined elements from different psychological theories such as Cognitive-Behavioral Theory, Mindfulness, NLP, Attachment Theory and more. For many patients EMDR is a very experiential and powerful treatment since it does not only give attention to the thoughts and emotions but also to the body responses to suffering. In 1987, Francine Shapiro, North American Psychologist, discovered that the voluntary eyes movements reduced the intensity of anxiety produced by the negative thoughts. In 1989 she began her research with traumatized veterans of Vietnam war and with victims of sexual abuse to measure the effectiveness of EMDR. EMDR significantly reduced the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in such population. Nowadays its method is spreading to all types of psychological problems.

The intervention programs are personally designed to cater to the needs of each individual. As such, we will assess your personal situation not only to gather information but also to work towards solving your concerns. If necessary the therapist will accompany you to those problematic situations in order to guide you or to serve as a model of coping.

The implementation of these programs, both therapeutic and educational, have reported joint benefits and contributions that after 18 years continue to help clients to improve their quality of life.

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