IFS (Internal Family Systems). IFS therapy, created by Richard C. Schwartz, Ph.D. is based on the multiplicity of the mind, systemic thinking and attachment theory. It is a non-pathologizing model that helps people relate to themselves in a loving and harmonious way. It promotes the idea that each person has the ability to heal themselves by becoming their own attachmentt figure for the most vulnerable parts of their personality and for those who have carried the trauma.

First of all it makes us look at our inner world, something that we are not accustomed to, in order to discover our great internal family, the multiple parts of our personality (thoughts, emotions, sensations, images, fantasies) that build themselves to protect other more vulnerable parts.

This therapy offers us concrete steps to achieve greater control over our impulsive or automatic reactions, helps us transform that critical internal voice into a supportive voice, and eliminate feelings of worthlessness. It is capable, not only of reducing the internal noise of our mind, but also of creating an atmosphere of harmony and peace, giving us a greater confidence, clarity and compassion towards ourselves and others. In short, it reconciles us with ourselves, with the world and with life.In my opinion, and also based on the opinion of many of my patients, it is an inspiring, affectionate and non-invasive therapy that is easy to understand. It leads to full awareness, self-knowledge and ends our internal fight with ourselves (Or, as said by the creator, achieve the harmony of the system).